Here are some fresh pictures we'd like to share with our family and anyone else who is interested.


gina said…
How precious!!

Reminds me of my favorite saying for sisters...

Chance made us sisters,
Hearts made us friends.

And hey! We had that bouncy seat for Shaye! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it, funny how something like that can make memories come rushing back. :)

What a darling little family you have !!
I remember when you first came home. I was a little scared of you. And very sad that you were so little and I had to wait for you to grow to play with me. They are both so beautiful. Dwayne should pat himself on the back for these two! I love you!
I think that is exactly how Norah feels about Avril. I trust God has reasons for keeping them so far apart in age. We would have liked them closer. ...Maybe some of the same reasons you and I are spaced just so. Love ya.'

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