They opened a Sonic in Wallingford, Connecticut, about twenty minutes from our house. This is a big deal. People are flocking from all over the region to wait in line for hours just to have a cherry lime aide and an extra long cheese coney with tater tots. Yum.

When we arrived, we looked at the lines of cars and all the parking assistants and the general mayhem decided to eat on the patio instead of waiting to eat in our car. I think we got lucky, because we only had to wait in line for about twenty minutes before we could order and a table cleared just as we were ready to sit down.

I know some of you are thinking, "I have at least three Sonics within minutes from my house?!" I know. I know. But, you have to understand that New England has only a fraction (and I mean fraction) of the fast food places and restaurant chains that other parts of the US have. That was actually one of the biggest adjustments Dwayne and I had to make when we moved here. Besides Wendy's and Subway and Taco Bell... there was no place to eat!!!

(But, it has also been one of the greatest blessings in disguise, since we eat at home now, as a rule, because our options are so limited compared to what they once were). And, if I am being entirely honest, we are kind of horrified that our friends down south are eating out three times a day almost everyday with their kids. It's just not done here. But, alas, it's easy for us to judge while living here in this barren land. If I could have Chick-fil-a, I probably would eat there seven times a day!


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