"I will be your man," the demon reared up and said in a deep, silky voice.

He was wearing a black leather jacket and was representing a perfectly false version of manliness. I glanced sideways at him and noticed that his shoulders were very broad and so solid... I knew this version of manliness was false. But, I had been craving spiritual leadership... and he seemed to know that.

His body language was perfectly inviting. He was very appealing to me at that moment, since he appeared so very confident. But, I was given enough grace and wisdom to resist him. I wanted to sink right into his chest, but instead, I searched for the right words and said, "No. I will wait on the Lord. I will wait..." as I bowed my head and put my hands out to God.

I am not sure why my spirit chose those particular words, "I will wait." I'd never had occasion to say them before. But, they seemed to fit the temptation perfectly and they did the trick because they set me free from the evil spirit's hold on me and I woke up from the nightmare or whatever it was... and felt God's presence there with me.

I knew God was pleased with me, but I sensed an urgency and felt like His Spirit was saying,

"Meet me outside."

I looked at the window.

"It's still dark out there, Lord."

I got out of bed and walked toward the living room.

"Can I just sit on the couch where I usually do?"

"I have prepared a table for you..."

"But, that's where the shadows are."

"...in the presence of your enemies."


I found my sandals, grabbed a Bible (even though I figured that I wouldn't be able to see the words in it) and decided to take my i-pod so that I could worship... I realized then I had an inexplicable yearning to sing.

I tipped-toed outside and sat down in one of the lawn chairs under our tree out front. I pressed play on my i-pod. I noticed it was set on shuffle and wondered what song would come up. I sincerely hoped that it wouldn't be something by Taylor Swift... Not that I don't like Taylor Swift. I just figured she would break the mood.

But, I left the song to chance anyway and settled into my seat, looking up just as the sun was rising over the trees down the street.

This is the song that starting playing.

Needless to say, I wept. And I sang along while the shadows fled.


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