From St. Louis, we went to Springfield, Missouri. I realize now I must not have taken any pictures in Springfield. But, from our hotel window, we had a perfect view of the big screen at Hammond's Field while the Cardinal's were playing. Norah swam with another little five year old for over an hour in the hotel's outdoor pool as the sun went down and Dwayne had a business meeting. We were able to walk across the street for dinner at Chipotle's, one of my favorite restaurants. It was a quick stop, but it was nice.

From Springfield, we went to Tulsa. I had Chick-fil-a with the girls and we swam in the hotel pool that while Dwayne worked. Later in the afternoon, my parents met up with us. They were on their way to a family get-together in Arkansas. They brought Del Rancho sandwiches for dinner. We ate in the hotel's dining area and then played a complimentary game of put-put on the hotel's course while the sun went down.

My dad and mom playing and reading books with the baby.

Grandpa sits and watches us play.

So much sky!