Norah's still participating in our library's summer reading program. She's doing well. You can see from the photo above that she has completed almost twenty five hours of reading or being read to (but has only received credit for fifteen hours). We will get credit for the other hours once we go to the library again.

So far, she has earned chances to enter several different raffles for the largest prizes given away when the contest is over. I've lost track of everything we are entered to win at this point. But, she's also received coupons for free or discounted items all around town. I've had to be diligent to stop and pick these items up in order to give her the rewards she is working for.

She may not win any of the big prizes, so this may be all she gets for the work she's put in. Below are some pictures of her holding, collecting, enjoying or even, at times, sharing, her rewards.


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