I have been thinking about taking Norah to Howe Caverns. It's an underground cave in New York with a river and stalactites and stalagmites, etc., just a magnificent place to see anyway.

But, I was browsing through this book (that my Aunt Patti gave to me years ago. Thanks, Patti.) I turned to this week's entries to see if anything peeked my interest and I noticed that there was project to "Create stalagmites and stalactites!"

A quick trip to the store to pick up some fishing weights and cotton string (and some groceries, while we were at it) and we were ready to begin.

We cleared a space on our bookshelf, high enough so that the baby can't touch it, but low enough for Norah to easily check the project's progress.

After a day, we started to see a little bit of accumulation.

We will keep you posted with pictures as this project progresses. After a month or two (or even three), I think we will go ahead and visit those caverns. Hopefully, the cave formations Norah sees will be even more meaningful to her by then because we worked together to make some of our own.


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