I took Norah to Beardsley Zoo today using a free pass we checked out from the library. Dwayne's parents are in town, so they stayed home with Avril.

Pitcher Plants

Once Norah found out what it does, she was scared of it.

Bear paw cactus


Prairie dog

They had these neat little caves...

that let you pop up right where the prairie dogs were.


Riding the carousel

We saw a lot of animals, many more than are pictured here, but most of them were behind glass or fences so the pictures weren't great.

"Mom! I'm milking!" the giant cow

Wet from the elephant statue

We got a dozen different stones from the gift store to start a collection...

and some rock candy.

We saved the stick so we could re-use it to make our own.


Parker Family said…
Hey- It is so funny that you are living in CT now...the place where I grew up...I can not tell you how many times I have been to the Beardsley Zoo. So much fun!!! It was fun to see pics there too. Hope you are doing ok and have a smooth recovery!

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