The hotel where we stayed in Chicago that had a Coco Key attached to it. So, we purchased discounted passes that allowed us to come and go from the water park throughout our stay there.

The water park had a huge arcade. I purchased a card worth 100 games and Norah had a blast playing using it up.

She let me try a few games. I actually hit the jackpot on one game I played and Norah got hundreds of tickets all at once! It was a proud moment for me. I earned serious "cool points" from Norah over this.

Along with all the tickets she earned from the other games she (and I) played, Norah had the option to get a very nice, very large stuffed animal as a prize. But, she didn't want to spend "all her tickets on just one prize..." Inside I was silently screaming at this, but I let her do what she wanted. She preferred to get a ton of the little "cheaper" prizes in place of the one big one. So, it took her forever to "spend" all the tickers, but she had a great time choosing.


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