All the kids voted and Norah's Optimus Prime won the boxcar contest at church the other night.

For this, she was awarded a Bohemian bracelet making kit (and her dad won bragging rights with the other dads for building the winning car.)

We cracked open the bracelet-making kit the other day (and since Norah doesn't have any friends to teach her how to do this during recess or on the bus or in between classes at school), we had to read and re-read the directions and after a half hour, we had figured out how to make the easiest option in the book: a braided bracelet that uses knots to keep the beads in place.

But, after all the work, the strings we cut weren't long enough for bracelets, (even though the directions said they would be!) so we decided to finish them anyway and use them as bookmarks. We always need bookmarks. We will cut longer strings and try to make actual necklaces soon.


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