I just want to say an "I love you" to my precious father. The poor man has gone without photos of his grand children several days now since I've been filling my blog with so much writing.

He was very kind to me on the phone today, but I could hear the desperation in his voice when he asked me for more photos. It's past the point of joking, so I have to say that I am genuinely sorry, Dad. You connecting with your grand children is far more important than anything I have to say... and I really mean that.

So, I'll post more photos. In fact, I'll even make it official and promise to post a least one photo of at least one grandchild everyday day from now on just for you.

I love you, Dad.

Avril, with a mouthful of fruit loops. (Notice that this is after I moved the coffee table closer to the couch so she wouldn't have to reach so far.)


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