I sang this song in my sleep last night. No kidding. I was in the middle of a really intense nightmare and then, still in my dream, I was all at once back in my bed with my eyes open, just singing my heart out.

It was so real and so loud that I worried that I was really awake, not dreaming at all anymore, and that I'd wake Dwayne up and be embarrassed that he heard me singing (or that he was already up and listening in horror).

I don't sound good in real life. But, as I listened to myself in the dream, I sounded good. I mean, really good. I told Dwayne about this in the morning and when he got home from work in the evening, he said he thinks that God was allowing me to hear what I sound like to Him when I make a joyful noise. That's pretty awesome to consider, folks!

Another thing, when I stopped singing, even for a moment, the enemy got closer. It was like my nightmare was just right "over there." But, as long as I worshiped, I was free. Interesting too, since the lyrics of this song say, "I will sing praise. No weapon formed against me shall remain..."

I've said once or twice to myself and to others that this will be my theme song this year... But, maybe it should be my goal in life, in every season, to find reasons to worship.


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