We stayed at home yesterday and I kept my camera close by so I could snap pictures. Here are some of my favorite images from morning till night.

One of my main jobs right now is just keeping enough books around the house for Norah.

Avril puts on Norah's dress up shoes and walks around the house this way. Sometimes she will also carry around a toy purse in the crook of her elbow. It's hilarious, one of the singular joys in my life right now.

Norah made me a Valentine. She's been asking every morning for the past week if it's Valentine's Day yet. Her dad always gets her a card or gift and gives it to her before he goes to work in the morning that day, so she has come to expect it. This year, Dwayne had three Valentines to buy for! But, I never know what he gets the girls till he gives them their gifts. I look forward to watching their eyes light up as much as (or more than) I look forward to getting my own surprises.

Bath time in the middle of the day. Avril likes to let the water run over her fingers and then she will remember, point to the bubble bottle and grunt, so that she can have bubbles.

Norah asked, "Can I help you cook?!" The tone of her voice and her composure, for once, convinced me she was ready to work over a hot stove. So, I stood back and coached her on how to stir the soup, make the grilled cheese from start to finish (even using the spatula to turn them). She also set the table and helped me clean up after lunch, often guessing what chore needed to be done before I even said anything... I may make grilled cheese and tomato soup more often if it means that she can do the bulk of the work!

Avril has learned how to use the plastic step stool. She will go get it and carry it across the house to where she wants to use it. If am in bed, she will carry it in to my room to climb into bed with me and snuggle. In this picture, she is trying to pump lotion from the bottle, but it's too high. She usually likes to reach up and get her toothbrush. She loves to open the toothpaste tube, squeeze it out onto her toothbrush and suck the paste off her toothbrush. But, she doesn't usually squeeze hard enough to get much out, so she ends up trying to stick the toothbrush into the open hole in the tube. That works a little better until she ends up sucking on the open end of toothpaste tube. That really works. Her eyes light up and this is when I usually tell her to put it down. Up till then, I really can't help but watch her little mind and hands work and smile over her.

Norah read some more before bed. If she is reading, we will often let her stay up late since she doesn't have to get up early for school in the morning.



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