Norah has been reading a lot of science books on her own. She drew this picture last weekend during her free time and then brought it to me. She started to tell me about the bower bird, but I told her to stop real quick so I could grab a notebook and copy down her words. We made it an official entry in her notebook.

Double click on the photos to see them up close and to read the words with ease. The bower bird is very interesting!

Note: I am still copying Norah's narrations down myself, but I am letting her copy the titles now. Eventually, she will be copying all the words herself neatly after I write them as quickly as she says them. But, that is still a long way off yet.

The most important part of this exercise is not the handwriting, it is for Norah to get better and better at expressing herself. Most students wait till they can actually copy an entire page of words to become capable of writing an entire page worth of content. But, this way, Norah becomes a confident "writer" long before she can actually copy all the words she writes herself.


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