We haven't been out to eat since we went to Panera Bread on 12-21-11 in the middle of a busy day of holiday errands, so I think that means it's been eighteen days since we've eaten anything that wasn't made at home.

Eighteen days.

I think that must be a lifetime record for me, even if I include high school when I wasn't driving myself and I had to bum rides to Wendy's (not to mention money to actually pay for Wendy's). All told, I was even going out to eat more then than I am lately.

The first thing I'd like to say about eating at home is we need a lot more groceries, a lot. This should have been obvious. We eat three meals a day here plus snacks. I am still getting used to how quickly we tear through our supplies.

Before this, we ate at restaurants frequently enough to make a trip to the grocery store necessary only once every week and a half to two weeks, maybe. But lately, I have to go out to the grocery store with the kids at least once a week, at least. I can also usually get to Dwayne to go by and pick up a few things at some other time during the week like when he is coming home from work or going out to Home Depot or something. But, if Dwayne didn't do that for me, I'd be going to the grocery store at least twice a week, probably three times, easy.

But, I figure the longer we eat at home like this, the more I will know how to adjust my buying to cover the extra meals. I'll get three bags of corn chips instead of one, that sort of thing, and perhaps I won't need to shop as often as I do now. I am still learning how much I will need in order to eat at home more.

We are spending a lot more on groceries now. That probably should have been an obvious, too. We are surprised at how our grocery budget has gone up.

However, we saving so much on what we aren't spending at restaurants and fast food that we are still well under our monthly budget for food in total, well under. I did not realize the reason we had to skimp on the meals I made at home was because we were eating at restaurants, even cheap restaurants, far, far too often. I've been amazed at how well I have been able to feed my family at home now that we just always stay at home to eat.


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