Dwayne surprised the big girls with PEZ dispensers the other day. He went out to get something for the baby, but I guess he must have noticed these as he was checking out or something. The girls' eyes lit up when he pulled these out of the bag after he got home from the store. We're discovering how fun it is to give good gifts to our kids for no reason.

Norah's is Obi-Wan. She was thrilled because she loves Star Wars. She has no idea it's "for boys" which makes me feel really good about the way we are raising her. Avril's is Lightning McQueen from one of her favorite movies that she calls "Beeps." Dwayne made the perfect choices for the girls individually.

But it's a totally new thing for me to just let my kids walk around the house with candy like it's a toy. But PEZ is a toy, too, because Norah spent ten minutes arranging her PEZ in alternating flavors this morning before she ate them all in two minutes.

A friend told me about the PEZ factory here in Connecticut several months back. But the girls really didn't know what PEZ was at the time. But it may be time to go now that the girls have a better understanding of the magic that is PEZ. There's also a convention for collector's coming up. Maybe Dwayne will take one or both of the big kids. It sounds like fun.


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