There's been so much joy in this house since Adele came home. I find myself surprised by how much Dwayne and I are laughing. He's doing his antics. (He took a wide stance and drank out of two soda cans at once the other night. I almost peed my pajama pants. Literally. You ladies know how it is only a few days after a baby is born. At this point, the ol' bladder is not what it once was or what it will be again.) It's not just Dwayne. I am throwing out zingers right and left, remembering how funny I can be. (Or, at least Dwayne thinks I'm funny because I keep making him laugh so hard his head goes back, his eyes close and his belly shakes.) And the big kids are just being themselves and that only adds to our fun. (Most of the time.) I keep asking myself, "Isn't this time in our lives supposed to be crazy-hard and stressful? Aren't we supposed to yelling at each other more than we laugh?" But as soon as I think that way, I hear a still, small voice say, "My yoke is easy..." and I remember that, oh yes, we love God and we live for Him and He promised over and over that if we gave Him our lives, He'd make them full. Joy isn't exceptional. With Jesus in our home, even in the midst of challenges, joy is a given.


Jessica said…
Good stuff. It made me smile. ;)

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