Here's a peek at the girls' Easter basket this year.
Fill one Easter basket with treats for all your kids.

As I was shopping for the stuff to go in their baskets a few weeks ago, I picked out what I wanted them to have and quickly realized it wasn't nearly enough to fill two baskets. So instead of buying excess candy and toys just to fill two baskets, I just decided to let them share one basket. I may continue this little money-saving trick into the future. But, at that point, with three girls, I'll probably need to use a little bit larger basket. We will see then.

Get just enough candy for them to eat in one day.

I wanted to get the girls just enough of their favorite candy to eat within one or two days. I hate having extra candy sitting around the house after holidays. After a few days, the girls have eaten the kinds they really like and they forget the rest of the candy is there anyway, so why buy more than they want to eat in a day or two? I realized that I could spend less on candy, avoid waste and the girls will still get the thrill of having their treats on holidays.

Buy toys you would need or want to buy anyway.

I also got the girls some hefty shovels for their sandbox. They always need new sand toys to replace the ones that break. I would have gotten them even more sand toys but I couldn't find any others that didn't look too flimsy to justify spending money on.

And, finally, I got them each a micro kite. They appear to work just like regular kites only they are tiny. We will take these to the park and try them out the next time we go.

Set aside baskets, grass and decorations to use year after year.

The basket itself, the grass and the little chick came out of a Tupperware of Easter decorations I keep in our storage room.  After a day or two, I will take all that stuff back downstairs and put it back in that box till next year.  Not having to buy new baskets, new grass and new decorations every year also saves me a ton of money.


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