My good friend and neighbor Kim Sokoloski brought us dinner on Friday and gave us a new rattle (new rattles make me so happy) and a Miracle Blanket for Adele. She says she knew I wanted one and the store she went to really wasn't supposed to have them in stock but she took a chance and went anyway. As she was going by the clearance section, she said she saw one left and it was pink, perfect for a little girl! It sounds like it had to be a God-thing. I am so thankful. This little blanket is amazing. Look at this video that shows just how solid of a swaddle this blanket provides. Houdini could not get out of this swaddle! The first time we used it Avril slept for 4 1/2 hours and woke up bright eyed and ready to nurse well. This blanket's a game changer! Thanks, Kim.


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