Pump parts drying on the kitchen counter

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. -Ecclesiastes 3:1

As I have sat alone nursing or pumping in the baby's room the past two days, this verse has come to mind and it comforts me. I draw upon my previous experience of building up a milk supply for my older two children and I am not so discouraged when I look over at the clock to see how much longer I have to pump and the minutes are ticking by too slowly. The Holy Spirit brings this verse to mind and I am strengthened for the work required of me right now. I remember that I won't be pumping forever. It will only go on long enough to build up my milk supply so Adele has an abundance. Eventually, I will get to just nurse her. Then I recall that this whole stage of Adele's life will pass by too quickly as it is. It did with my other two children. So then I am encouraged to savor this season, all of it, even the more difficult parts.