Old Habits, New Library Cards

It had been weeks since we had been to the library, since our last visit was about two weeks before our move, and then we didn't have time to visit our new library until a few weeks had passed in our new home.  

The girls started missing the library and asking about it within a week of the move. They expressed anxiety about finding a new library and had been eager to go.  Apparently, my desire to make them love the library by simply taking them consistently for over a year is working just as I planned.  

We got our new cards and a stack of books that we really struggled to carry out, because I forgot our library bags back at the new house.  Forgetting things like bags and cell phones are a regular occurrence now that I am in a new space. I still haven't figured out the best place is to keep everything. I have three floors now, so where should I best put my phone? And we park in the garage now, but often use the front and back doors, too, so where should we best keep our coats and mittens? Incidents like forgetting the bags reveal to me just how much I subconciously depended on repetition and muscle memory in my old space. For instance, I am constantly slamming into the floor at the bottom of the stairs here, because I expect there to be one more step before the bottom. The old house must have had one more step, and after ten years, I am finding in difficult to retrain my brain and body in all these seemingly little, but altogether significant ways.  

My book choices are shown in the photo above.  I happened upon a book about Audubon, who is of new interest to me, since I am bird-watching and nature-journaling again.  And I got a novel called "My Brother Sam is Dead" by Collier and Collier, recommended to me by another Redding resident who we met fortuitously while taking our first walk in our nearby Putnam Park. Apparently, this book is set in and around Redding, and will help me better understand the history of this area and the treasures that we been planted in the midst of.  


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