Sick Day Soup

Adele was showing signs of being sick when she woke up yesterday. So we got out the puke bucket ready. And she eventually did throw up a few times.

I kept her close to me on the couch until I figured she was probably done throwing up.  At that point, she was perking up, talking a lot, and even wanting to play with her sisters. So I knew from experience that her appetite would be coming back within the hour, but that she really shouldn't have any sugary foods that would further weaken her immune system.

So I made her some savory soup, and she actually ate it! So I think I'll record the recipe to use again, when the time comes.

Sick Day Soup


Two cups of prepared, frozen bone broth, beef (or chicken)
1/2 cup dry barley (or rice)  
One small carrot
Three green beans
One heaping spoonful of minced garlic
One teaspoon dry onion flakes
One half teaspoon dry parsley
Two chunks of pink Himalayan sea salt and a dash of corse Kosher salt

Optional ingredients: 
1/4 cup cooked beef (or chicken) (I had left-over primed rib.) 
Ice cubes to taste

This much will make two small servings/ one regular serving.  Increase all the ingredients in proportion to how much you want to make/ have left over. 


Thaw the container of frozen broth in hot water until it will pop out of the Tupperware it's frozen into.  Then put the chunk of frozen broth in a saucepan on medium heat and let it totally melt. (I used two cups of frozen beef bone broth.)

Add barley and turn up the heat, so that the soup will begin to boil as you add things. But then turn it down to low/ medium to simmer once it starts to boil.

Chop the carrot and green beans into tiny pieces and add them to the soup.  The barley is still hard at this point.  

Add the garlic, dry onion, parsley, and salts. Garlic, because it is good for your immune system.  I would have used fresh if I had had it.  And sea salts, because electrolytes!  And I use Kosher salt, too, for flavor.

I had some cooked beef, so I chopped that up and added it. (I had left-over prime rib, so I added 1/4 a cup to the soup.)

Adele, a.k.a. "Baby Bear," needed a total of two ice cubes to get this to the temperature that was "just right" for her. Then she ate it and perked right up.

I had a serving, too, since it looked so good, and it was cold outside, and I figured that I will certainly be fighting whatever it is she's got now, because that's reality for moms.  


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