Preserving Artwork

With three girls who all like to draw and paint and craft, we have collected a lot of finished artwork over the years and I am certain there is more to come.

I do actually throw most of their artwork away. Gasp!  I do this simply because it would be impossible to contain it all in my home and still function. So I keep only what I really like, or what the girls really seem to like. Yet we still have so much!

I found these Tjena boxes at Ikea, big enough to hold almost everything the girls have ever made and kept. Even the larger sheets of paper can be stored in here. Those just can't be stored flat. They have to be folded over gently, so they don't crease, and then the lid will still go on top. These boxes come with tags that stick to the side, so I do also have each girl's name on each box, so it's easy for me to remember whose box is whose.

I have a few poster sized paintings that won't fit in these boxes and that I can't part with for reason or another, so those still have to be rolled, held with a rubber band, and stored in a corner of the closet.  But it is nice to have some place where most of the keepsakes can go.


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