We're On The Map!

There's a map at the beginning of the book "My Brother Sam is Dead" by Collier and Collier and it shows all the significant places in the novel. We looked and then did a double take to find we live on this map! All of these places are within walking distance of our new house!

We think it's cool that we settled right in the middle of a place with such interesting history. But, truthfully, the same could probably be said about anywhere. If you have the right perspective and information,  any place could be exceedingly interesting, I am sure.

Nevertheless, we are excited to be learning new things that will help us better appreciate our new home in Redding.

I did finish the novel yesterday and it was, in total, very depressing.  But it shows the complicated nature of war and the ethics and morality behind the way real people really acted.

Note: I would not read it to my younger children, four and seven, but my oldest, who is twelve, is ready for this sort of thinking and I will definitely have her choose an issue that she thinks is interesting from the book and write an essay about it.  


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