Bouquets of Beauty

We've been keeping various, sundry bouquets on the table, and we get so much simple joy from them throughout the days. 

The importance of beauty has been on my mind again, since I recently read "The Enchanted April" and listened to The Literary Life Podcast's that went along with the book. 

We were already in the habit of keeping bouquets anyway, purchasing flowers at the grocery store all winter, but the recent bouquets are actually a combination of purchased flowers and flowers blooming in the yard like daffodils, since it's finally spring in New England. 

We've also gotten more creative, even indulgent, adding sprigs of scented rosemary, grape hyacinths, dandelions, and unnamed wildflowers (or are they herbs?) to the most recent arrangements. I actually like the effect some of these unknown, unnamed flowers bring. Some of them will drop seeds or blooms creating a romantic effect on our table top. 



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