Outdoor Walks

We are still taking walks as often as we can. The same scenery is always changing.  The fronds are unfolding a little more each day. We decided we want to learn the names of the trees along our path. They are beginning to interest us. We started to notice the differences, especially in the various barks. We often sit and watch the stream from the rock wall above. Now that the birds are back, they will flit back and forth across the surface of the water, apparently skimming the surface and getting a tad wet. We're guessing this is their way of bathing. To drink, they will hop along the edge and find a spot where moss or leaves allow them to get close enough for a safe drink. We've noticed some birds we don't usually see in our yard, so now we want to learn to identify those, too. My goal is to take 100 walks this year for my health. I am still building up my fitness after getting Lyme disease the year before last, so these walks are quite challenging, especially since our neighbor has hills. I'm up to 24 walks at this point. 


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