Teaching Writing Structure and Style

We've used Teaching Writing Structure and Style in our homeschool (with the support of Classical Conversation's Essentials program) with all three of our daughters for over seven years!

At the end of each year, our Essentials tutors collect all the essays a student writes into book. These books have become a treasured keepsake in our home. My daughters will often read each other's essays from when they were in Essentials. 

My oldest daughter's Essentials books:

My middle daughter's Essentials books:

My youngest daughter's book from this year. (She has two more years in Essentials, if all goes as planned.) 

It's summer break now and we aren't writing any essays for a few months, but as a review for next year, I've been leisurely watching/ listening to the Teaching Writing Structure and Style instructional videos online using my IEW Premium membership. My youngest daughter and I also watched a webinar on Advanced Stylish Techniques, and she diligently took notes for future use. 


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