The Whole Beautiful Journey

I had been collecting pictures for her graduation slideshow. Looking at hundreds, this is the one that made me cry. The Lord powerfully led us to Classical education literally confirming it was the path for us through visions and dreams. I don't talk about that much, because it's supernatural, mysterious, odd, but precious, and I have cherished the truth of it in my heart all the time, especially once I started seeing the fruits of this education. So, when she was little, we read the children's versions of the myths together for the first time, and that's when we painted this apple "for the most beautiful." This last year of high school in Challenge 4, we read all three epics together with her classmates: The Illiad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid. She even translated significant portions of Virgil from the Latin. This kid loves thousands of books, but says The Iliad is her all-time favorite. So this is the image that captures it all for me, the whole beautiful journey the Lord has led us on, so I came undone when I saw it.


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