Our Challenge Protocol 2022

Protocol is a special opportunity for Challenge students to learn etiquette and have opportunities to experience beauty and culture. 

In years past, our Challenge groups have gone to a symphony or watched an opera then they've dinned together at a very formal restaurant. 

But here in Connecticut and so close to New York, as we were planning this year's Protocol events, we were still facing all variety of known and unknown vaccine mandates, covid testing procedures, mask mandates, and ticket policies that may or may not offer refunds, so we decided to avoid all complications and just make our own culture/ host our own event. 

So the Oliveira's hosted parents and students in their private home for a murder mystery dinner event with a 1920s theme. It was something I would have never thought to do, but that's exactly why I'm so glad for community. It was so fun, and now we all have some amazing memories with our seniors to reminiscence about. 


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