Camping at Macedonia Brook State Park

My husband Dwayne was planning a camping trip with some male friends from church, but the friends had a family emergency, so our family decided to use the site for an impromptu camping trip instead. 

The girls stayed in their own tent for the first time ever. Shown below is their attempt to put it together without our help. The eight person tent we bought when the oldest was a baby was too cramped the last time we all slept inside it, so it was time they graduated to their own tent. 

Apparently, a tree fell over the road and was cut away. Its large root base remained behind holding on to garnet rocks and a huge pile of fresh dirt. The base started sprouting various weeds and mosses of all sorts. I thought it made an interesting picture. 

The temperature was up into the nineties, so we enjoyed splashing in the very chilly brook. 

This is one of my summer reading goals to improve as an educator over this break. 

Funny, we checked the weather where we lived, but not forty-five minutes away where we planned to camp. What an amateur mistake! So we were not expecting the rain the first night. We had to eat dinner inside the grown-up's tent. 

Our old Ford pick-up truck came in handy for carrying supplies and wood. The family enjoys it so much. It's a charming classic. 


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