Mother's Day 2022

On Mother's Day, after church and Bible study, Dwayne took me brunch without our kids. As we left them home to make their own lunch, our oldest made a remark such as, "So basically, on Mother's Day, you want to a break from mothering." She was speaking in jest, and we all had a laugh, because yes, that was the truth of it. At brunch, I had my first Bellini made from Prosecco and peach nectar. Wow! Actually, I probably had my first three Bellinis, since the waitress continued to fill my glass as I sipped. It was a lovely drink, a lovely brunch. Later, I had a long nap and awoke to work on my jigsaw puzzle while listening to an audio book. Altogether, it was a lovely, delicious, restful Mother's Day 2022. 


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