Field Day Preparations

Our Classical Conversations group is having a Field Day soon. 

I'm running the organized games. 

We're planning the three-legged race, potato sack race, tug of war, and the parachute games. 

One of the parachute games is called "scramble the eggs." 

Everyone holds and shakes the parachute, causing ripples, then I add the eggs to the middle and if we shake hard enough, the eggs really fly! 

The colors are awesome! 

Every Easter, I just save the Easter eggs the girls bring home from egg hunts and/or gift baskets or church to replenish the stock. 

But to get the eggs to fly really well, they have to be put together. This makes them "lighter." Otherwise, the separate pieces tend to stick together and get "heavier." 

So it was a labor of love, but we matched all the egg tops and bottoms. 

We also did away with broken pieces and the parts that didn't have mates. 


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