My Sewing Tin

In December, I started hand-sewing binding on a lap quilt I had made some years before. 

To store my thread, needle, pins, etc., I took up one of the decorative Christmas tins we had out with all the other Christmas decor. 

I never liked this tin much, honestly. 

It was given by a friend, held a gift from that dear friend, so in a way, the tin was also a gift from that dear friend. 

I'm desperately sentimental, so I have a difficult time ridding myself of anything given to me in love. 

So I kept the tin out of obligation even though I had an almost visceral response to it's ugliness, at least at first. 

But this last Christmas, I found this tin was just the right size for my hand-sewing supplies. 

After Christmas, I just left my sewing supplies in there beside my chair for convenience sake. 

Months went by. The quilt is still "in-process," so the sewing supplies remain there. 

The other day, one daughter shouts from the kitchen where we both are to another daughter in the living room, "Will you bring me the 'Ho-Ho-Ho' tin?!"

The other daughter shouts back from the living room, "Sure!!"

A few moments later, the other daughter comes in and hands this to the one daughter who asked for it. 

The one daughter proceeds to take out what she needs for the project she's working on like nothing significant had even happened. 

I laughed out loud.  

I had inadvertently created a sewing kit! 

And I made it out of an old tin! 

I'm just like every other old lady sense the dawn of time!  

Only I have to say, my sewing kit is not a generic "cookie tin" or "Mom's sewing kit."

No. No. No. 

It is called the "'Ho-Ho-Ho' tin." 

All three Ho's are spoken out in turn.  

That's a kind of perfection you can't even plan! 

You've just got to live your way into it. 

I love my daughters! 

I love what they call this tin! 

And now I love this tin! 


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