Annual Spring Clean-Up

We always pick a Saturday and work together to clean out the flower beds and put down new mulch in spring. Doing this with kids was rough at first, but we've gotten better each year. This year, the kids actually worked cheerfully and without complaint. The forget-me-nots we planted when we buried out pet button quail, Marilyn, have multiplied and now, they are literally covering the front yard. The grape hyacinths are blooming, along with the first dandelions, so Adele made the first bouquet of the season. The tiny oreganos that line our flower beds are also coming back to life now, so as we racked the beds, their fragrances filled the warm air around us. It's still too early to plant any annuals besides pansies, so we usually wait until Mother's Day at least, if not all the way till Memorial Day, to choose flowers for the pots on the decks. 


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