Graduation Preparation

We are preparing for Challenge 4's graduation. 

Thankfully, another mom of a young man in my class has already done this before, graduating an older son out of Challenge 4 a few years ago. 

The ceremony is in May, so I sat down and ordered Norah's graduation invitations and thank you cards from Shutterfly. 

I ordered caps, gowns, and tassels for her class from using some of our supply fees. (The moms gave me appropriate sizes for their kids.)

Finally, I ordered Norah's diploma from (Each mom is ordering her child's diploma separately, so they can be personalized.)

When asked if I wanted to include a quote or school motto on the diploma, I knew just what I wanted/ what it had to be. 

This Matthew Arnold quote started out as a joke/ exhortation. 

I printed it, framed it, and quietly placed it on Norah's desk back in the early years of Challenge when she was complaining about the rigors, especially the Latin. 

“For rigorous teachers seized my youth, 
And purged its faith, and trimm'd its fire, 
Show'd me the high, white star of Truth, 
There bade me gaze, and there aspire. 
Even now their whispers pierce the gloom: 
What dost thou in this living tomb?”

Since then, all or part of this quote has been quoted time and time again in various contexts, mostly when there's a lot to do.

This quote has become a part of our family culture. 

Also since then, Norah has learned Latin so well that she is translating from Virgil, has started creating her own language, and can't wait to study Greek in college. 

She has also apologized for all the complaints she made back then and said, "Thanks" because of the delight that is hers because of Latin. 

So I was just sobbing when I added this to Norah's dipolma. 

The littles heard me crying, ran in, called Norah down, and Norah hugged me from behind and kissed my head as I showed her the diploma. 

I will cherish these bittersweet memories. 

I'm certain where she is going next is God's perfect will for her, so that is a big comfort and inspiration as I am dealing with a lot of sadness that Norah's childhood time at home is almost over. 


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