Challenge 4

We're in the final weeks of this year of Classical Conversations. I direct the Challenge 4 class this year, which my oldest daughter attends. Right now, we're reading Virgil in the original Latin for Latin class and again in English for Ancient Literature, we're reading and discussing 1 Samuel for devotions and Mere Christianity for Theology, The Discoverers for Ancient History, and we're discussing concepts and demonstrating problems in Saxon Physics and Advanced and Practical Maths each week. Each student is also writing their Senior Thesis that is actually due next week, so they are reading portions in class, so I can give each them feedback and they can help each other form their thoughts. The seniors will present their ideas to a panel of judges soon, who will have read papers and formulated questions ahead of time. Students will have to speak up and defend their logic and arguments aloud in public under some friendly, gentle, yet authentic scrutiny. I cherish these days. It's a rich conversation each week, and we discover so many relationships between one subject and another. Being a Challenge tutor is an awesome privilege. It's like being a youth group or small Bible study leader, only I get to study all the subjects with my students at once. After all, God's work and His glory aren't limited to Theology, and none of the subjects exist without all the others. 


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