Malcolm Guite

 We stayed up to watch Malcolm Guite speak at Wheaton the other night. 

The girls affectionately call him "Our guy." 

They first saw him on Hutchmoot Homebound and when he made the girls giggle as he bit into an English muffin covered in jam, let crumbs fall on his vest, slurped his tea, then read a humorous, yet deeply spiritual poem, the girls were just goners. 

Now we are all fans and will listen to him as often as we can, anywhere we find him speaking online. 

We are reading his poem "O Sapientia" at the start of our Lenten readings each night we do them so as to memorize the poem by Easter. 

He is a blessing and a delight. Find him somewhere online and listen for yourself. 

Note: The doodle of Malcolm Guite was done by my nine year old while listening to his lecture. 


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