Memory Master Review/ Nature Walk

Adele and I took another nature walk, reciting her Foundations Memory Work as we stepped. Adele is still practicing so she can try to pass the second proof (test) for Memory Masters, which is coming up. It's actually lovely to have something to sing and talk and even laugh about as we walk. 

We saw how the same things along the path have changed since last time we passed. And it's lovely to get distracted at least a hundred times by beautiful things along the way. Her eyes are so much better than mine! 

She found an owlet pellet and we took little sticks and pulled it apart right there on the path. Then she found an empty acorn top to use as a bowl for carrying the bones home. 

This bowl of bones is downstairs now with all the other items in our nature collection. We've got a few shelves in the basement for these "treasures." We've got rocks, shells, birds nests, feathers, etc. And we get more everyday. Sometimes I wonder how much outside can come inside before there's no more outside to bring inside. 

Earlier this year in Foundations, Adele dissected an owl pellet in class. And she and her sister did it at least once a few years before that, too, since CC cycles through the same material in the early years. So Adele could already identify what sort of bones they were. "That's a jaw bone!" she exclaimed, etc. 

I'm enjoying these spring moments with my youngest scholar and naturalist. 


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