Our Robin

 It started last spring-summer. 

This robin would flutter up to our front window, hitting its beak on the glass, knock-knock-knocking every morning. 

At first, I'm sure the robin thought he was attacking another bird in its reflection. 

But eventually, since we'd always come running to see the robin and say, "Hello!," we trained the bird to expect us, even want us. 

He'd knock until we'd come to the window, then he'd fly a little ways away into the yard, and forage until we came to another window looking for him. 

This routine was repeated fifty or more times last year. 

Just a few days ago, I heard the same knock-knock-knock on that same window. 

The robin was back! 

Now, daily he comes to say, "Hello!" 

I asked Avril the other day, "Which book was your favorite this year of Challenge A?" 

She said without hesitation, "The Secret Garden."

That makes our robin friend even more special.  

It's like we're in the storybook.  


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