Our Ongoing Dilemma

All ye who don’t want to be followers,

Follow me! 

All ye who lack confidence,

I'm sure! 

All ye who lack knowledge, 

I know! 

All ye who lack community, 

We'll include you! For a fee 

Here’s a list of approved texts.

But mark you! This is not a list like others to be checked. 

Here’s a plan for those who do not plan, 

And we approve your plans to use it.

Here, too, at last! A curriculum to believe!

Made especially for those who don’t believe in curriculum.

Like every new diet that isn’t any old diet

Or news source that claims no particular bias,

We buy that one, too. 

We find ourselves again Following,

Asking, Marking, Checking, Planning, Buying,

Seeking entry into yet another Inner Ring,

Looking for that peace, approval, fellowship only God can bring. 

Wisdom still cries out in the streets.

She has known all along what we need:

The instruction she alone is qualified to give,

The water only she alone is freely offering. 



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