March in Books


I totally forgot to recap my reading in March. 

So here it is now. 

I started reading The Word in the Wilderness on March 2 with the beginning of Lent. I'm still reading a poem each morning until Easter. I love it! I will probably repeat this book next Lent. 

I finished a book of Matthew Arnold's poems in March. 

I finished listening to The City of God by Augustine sometime in March, but then I promptly started relistening to it again when I was done. I also ordered the text to highlight, so I am working through that again now. 

I also reread The Tempest by Shakespeare and The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis.

I started reading Pilgrim At Tinker Creek by Anne Dillard and The Complete Poems of John Keats and I started rereading Another Sort of Learning, but I am not done with any of those. (This happens. I wander through a few books at the same time.)

I read A Heart to Know Him by Lynne Bauman. (And then I got to talk to the author about all my highlights, because she's my church's women's director, and she graciously took me out for coffee.) 

I also listened to the entire audio book of Where The Crawdads Sing, probably within twenty four hours. I couldn't sleep one night, so I got a lot of listening done then. 

I also reread portions of the books I use for directing my Challenge 4 class. Those include The Aeneid and The Discoverers and Mere Christianity. Those books are always "in the background," so I don't know how to count them, especially since the readings often stretch over the length of months. 


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