I hoard picnic baskets. The picture above shows the three picnic baskets currently in my kitchen... and I have at least two more elsewhere. There's just something so romantic about them. Anytime I see one for sale in a store, I have to pull my spirit away from it kicking and screaming, else I'll buy it. I start to imagine all the memories that could be made around that basket, what crisp salads and sweet baked goods I could pack it full of... and then I can hardly help myself. These baskets embody the things most precious to me. These baskets actually exist because of them: quality time spent with loved ones over food close to nature. We use all the baskets we have for storage in the winter and we pack a picnic almost every weekend from May through the end August. But, still... I don't need this many. I've never filled more than two baskets at one time (but that's a record I think I will strive to break). I really should fill at least one of them with some baked goods and give it to someone who deserves a gift... Maybe our precious neighbors who are watching our house while we are away?

What do you hoard?