When we were doing our Christmas shopping last month, I stopped to get Norah a cookie (and to get myself some caffeine in the form of a diet soda). Norah picked one with colorful sprinkles because it was "pretty." She's had the same cookie before and there has never been a problem. It was just so much fun for her to eat a cookie with sprinkles, she never paid attention to the taste. This time, however, she took one bite of it and said, "Yuck! This isn't as good as the cookies you make. I don't want it." I was so flattered by the idea that I make better cookies than Mrs. Fields, I confess, I couldn't scold Norah for wasting the cookie. I took a bite of it, just to check, and sure enough, I think it was true. My cookies are better than Mrs. Field's (or, at least better than Mrs. Field's sprinkle sugar cookies). Norah also said, "Next time, I want to get a cookie like the ones you make." Awww... my baby is growing up! She's giving up sprinkles for substance. That's a big step for a little girl!


sandimill said…
Now I want your recipe!

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