Personally, I think many Klutz products are overpriced, but one exception to this is their book How to Make Pom Pom Animals. With this book, you receive everything you need to make several adorable pom pom animals: a turtle, a teddy bear, a butterfly, a bumble bee (shown above)... and many more. Kids don't need to be able to read to understand how to put these animals together. They need only follow the pictures numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. It's something even the youngest kids can do with or without you. And, best of all, when you have used up all the pom pom and google eyes they give you, you can keep the book and use it as a guide to purchase some of your own supplies and reuse the books' instructions to keep making more animals! I cut small pieces of magnetic strips (available in most craft sections or stores) and glued them to the back of some of our animals to make them magnets for our fridge. So adorable!


La Reina said…
What kind of glue do you use? I've tried regular elmer's...of course it takes too long to dry and is semi-impossible for Abi to do much by herself...which would you suggest?
I believe we used a liquid "craft glue" we got at Wal-mart in the craft section. It was a lot like Elmer's, just thicker. It was messy, stuck to everything and made Norah's fingers sticky, but it dries clear on the project and I kept wet wipes handy. It works well enough if you use generous amounts. Of course, like you said, it takes forever to dry. The Klutz book came with glue like Elmer's. We tried that and it worked okay, too.

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