We're leaving today. We'll be gone for two weeks! Dwayne has to be in Orlando, Florida for the AHR Conference later this month, so we are tagging along with him, turning another one of his work trips into a mini vacation.

We are driving the whole way, leaving early enough to take the trip at a pleasant pace. We have planned to stop in South Carolina to see my family. My parents, brother and sister will meet Avril for the first time! Dwayne's parents live about an hour away from the resort where we will be staying in Florida, so we will see them on this trip, too... a lot of them, actually. They plan to split the cost of a two bedroom suite with us, so they can stay at the resort, too! Norah can't wait to see all her grandparents! She can't think of anything else!

I've set enough material to post while I am away, so keep checking in. There will be at least something new to see everyday. Enjoy!


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