Norah finished her first Lego house! But...

I didn't actually get a photo of the finished house before she tore it down to start a new one. :(

I know. I can't believe it, either. This is a huge oversight for a picture-happy mom like me.

But, here's a link to a blog post about her last Lego Club meeting. She took that house to Show and Tell the other kids in the group about it. The post does have one photo of her kneeling down and talking to the group about the bottom half of the house, but alas, there is not a photo of the entire house with the roof on. :(

But, here's a picture of the second house Norah is starting to build now.

Her dad and I spent some time with her the other night (after putting Avril to bed), totally dismantling her first house, organizing all the bricks, finding the pieces she needed and helping her lay the foundations for her new house.

Norah seems to crave this one-on-one time and attention of late, so it's nice that we have something to do together that we all three actually enjoy.


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