To my six or seven avid readers,

I apologize for not posting on my blog daily at midnight. I've never not posted daily at midnight, even after I had my last baby, even after I got injured, even after I had surgery...

But, lately, my posts have been more sporadic. I posted one day at 10pm, then skipped a day entirely, and I am writing this post at 9am!! I know it's crazy-talk.

I always have something to say, something to communicate, you know me. Even it is just a picture or a few words. I love my blog. None of that has changed.

But, I want to confess that I have found another love. She's the reason I haven't been posting every single day at the same exact time.

Her name is FlyLady and she's teaching me how to keep my house clean, clean enough to have friends over.

So, I've been busy with that, having friends over (and shining my sink).

And, it's been pretty awesome.

I am thinking of that verse, the one that haunts all us housewives, the one that always haunted me,

"Practice hospitality."

FlyLady helps me dominate that verse.

I thought I needed to be honest with you in case you were worried about me.

I'm fine.

I'm just having some friends over later. I'll post something again soon, it just might not be every single day at midnight.

With love,


Joanna said…
What time should we stop over?!

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