Our neighbors, the same ones who always give the girls gifts, sold Dwayne their old riding lawn mower for a very, very affordable price. They say they are "happy to see it being used" and I think that they must mean it because they will come outside and stand and watch Dwayne mowing with big smiles on their faces. So, I will come to the door and wave to them and they will wave back. Then we will both watch Dwayne for a little while until I give them a thumbs up and a wink and they know what I mean. They will give me a thumbs up and then we will both walk back inside laughing. We are all enjoying the fact that Dwayne mows at least five times as much as he ever did before. And, as much as I joke about this, I am really happy for Dwayne and so grateful to God for this blessing. It might seem irrelevant, but a riding lawnmower takes a huge burden off a hard working man like him who has such limited free time anyway.


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