This post is for adults only and you may want to put your coffee down, otherwise you might choke on it.


When I see Dwayne reading a book with our kids or folding the laundry or fixing something that's broken, I just want to wrap myself around him and kiss him passionately. He's never more attractive to me than when he's "being good" and every time he is "being good," I am glad a married a "nice guy."

Now, there was a time when I was foolish enough to be attracted to "bad boys" and to seek out their attention. But, I always ended up sorry that I did. And, I know there are still plenty of women who think they could never be satisfied in a marriage like mine, one to a "nice guy." And, maybe they're right. Maybe they wouldn't be satisfied in a marriage like mine, but if I were being honest, I would have to say that I think that would be their own fault because they're foolish and warped by their own sinful lusts.

Kids read my blog (and may still be reading this post even after I asked them not to), so I will try not to be explicit to the point of making the innocent stumble. But, I want to be bold and make a claim. This is something that I have felt needs to be said to this culture that is becoming more and more sexually impure in order to try and satisfy sinful lusts.

There is nothing I am missing out on in my marriage to this "nice guy." There is nothing I don't get from my pure marriage bed. When I read the magazine covers in the grocery line about "8 Ways to..." or "How to..." I just wish the women who are reading that crap for advice would read what I have to say.

God created us. He created marriage. He created sex. He created intimacy. He said it was good. He also said it should to be kept holy. He wants us to be satisfied. He loves it when we are free. He wants us to be able to really live. He wants us to acknowledge Him in all we do. And, so, having said that, I am fully convinced that I am one of the most sexually satisfied women on earth and I got that way by submitting my whole life, including my sex life, to God.

(I told you what I had to say was bold).

I do not claim to have a monopoly on satisfaction, however. I am friends with a lot of Christian women and almost all of them celebrate their marriages and just extol their husbands and their relationships like I do. We don't talk about details, as that would be very inappropriate, but we all agree that we are blessed in this way. In fact, I read somewhere that statistics show that married women of faith are the most sexually satisfied group of women in the country, as a rule. There may be exceptions to this. I've know my share of uptight Christian men and women. ;) Just kidding, of course. But, really, I think this statistic is generally very true and unfortunately, one of the best kept secrets of this sex-loving culture.


Judy Meyer said…
Found your blog on Gail Christians FB page. My husband Scott and I will be moving back to CT but I hate to leave our "church Family" here in Florida. This blog and some of your other blogs remind me of the people in our church and the church itself. In CT I have never grown in my faith like I have here. Maybe there are churches like ours
I pray that back home I will be able to find one that's similar.
Judy Meyer
Nice to "meet" you. I live in Waterbury, CT. Where will you be living when you come back to Connecticut? We have been going to Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT. But, as of this Sunday, Walnut Hill is actually starting a second location here in Waterbury! It will meet at Chase Collegiate School at 10:30am every Sunday. I looked at and it looks like your church's beliefs are almost identical to Walnut Hill's. I think, if you end up living close to one of Walnut Hill's two locations, you should visit it and see if you like it. If you send me another comment on my blog before you want to come (or request to be my friend on Facebook), I will meet up with you in person when you want to visit! :)

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