Using a cookbook for kids, we made some "Fishy Squishy Squirters" out of fruit roll ups, grapes, decorating gel and mini M&Ms.

Norah shows you what they look like when finished.

Avril went to give one of the fish a kiss, but then she hesitated. You could see her inner struggle. She just couldn't help herself. She had to take a bite.

So, Momma let her share one with her big sister.


Chirper said…
Hi Veronica,

My wife and I recently created an illustrated cookbook we thought you and your readers would appreciate titled:

The Kids-Did-It! Cookie Bookie: A (fun) Cookie-Baking Cookbook for Kids, Illustrated by Kids!

It’s a deliciously cute introduction to baking and includes some pretty tasty, easy-to-follow and reallyhref="">fun-to-look-at cookie recipes, each illustrated by delightful watercolor illustrations from thehref=""> Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids’ art collection.

Just imagine Chocolate Chipmunks, Peanut Butterflies, Moon Melts, Monster Mish-Mashes or Peppermint Pig Puffs.

Check out a few Buyer Reviews and a Book Preview href="">here.