Dude-lady came to Guy's house to spill the beans about the woodpile and confide in him over Dude-man's rage issues, but Guy didn't answer the door of his apartment. Instead, his "business associate" answered the door. She said her name was Galina and told Dude-lady in broken English through puckered lips that Guy was currently "own-a-bail-able."

Aside from Galina's Vader-like hair style, Dude-lady had to confess that she was quite fabulous. Standing there with so much synthetic fiber, silicone and mascara towering over her, Dude-lady wondered if this Galina owned any piece of clothing made of cotton...

Dude-lady shook herself back to reality and excused herself before Guy came to the door. But, before she turned to leave, she glanced over Galina's shoulder and confronted some real evidence that Guy was a player. As she walked home, she wondered if Galina knew that Guy chopped wood.


Amanda said…
I am following your Lego Soap Opera daily!! I love it!! :)

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